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Workshop on "Employees Relations & Conflict Resolutions"
March 14, 2017
Sunfort Hotel, Lahore

March 30, 2017
Regent Plaza, Karachi
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Workshop on "Financial Modeling - Scenario Based Approach"
February 28, 2017
Movenpick Hotel, Karachi
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Certificate in Taxation Laws (Online)
Softax is now offering 2 months Practical Training Course across Pakistan through web portal
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Pakistan, Netherlands renegotiate avoidance of double taxation deal
Daily Times
Friday, 24-02-2017, Read more

Undocumented property in spouse name to be treated benami transaction
Pk Revenue
Friday, 24-02-2017, Read more

ATIR to resume hearing of tax matter filed by M/s Pak Telecom Mobile Limited today
Customs Today
Friday, 24-02-2017, Read more

Chairman FBR appoints Member Administration Majid Qureshi as Chief Coordinator for Budget 2017-18
Customs Today
Friday, 24-02-2017, Read more

FBR adopts new security measures at FBR House
Customs Today
Friday, 24-02-2017, Read more

ATIR adjourns hearing of tax matter filed by M/s Aftab Traders
Customs Today
Friday, 24-02-2017, Read more

WHT zone of RTO-II achieves 101pc growth in six months: Sajid Ahmed
Customs Today
Friday, 24-02-2017, Read more

PCA detects duty, tax evasion of Rs 2,503,829 by M/S Trust Enterprise
Customs Today
Friday, 24-02-2017, Read more

Government may grant tax exemptions to DPC
Business Recorder
Friday, 24-02-2017, Read more

Gas supply: FBR mulling resolving issue of taxability of profits, gains
Business Recorder
Friday, 24-02-2017, Read more

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Workshop on "The Law of Retrenchment & Termination"
Date September 27, 2016 Fee Rs. 10,995/-
Venue Regent Plaza City Karachi

With the passage of time Employment Laws have been enacted and brought major changes till 2016. After 18th Constitutional Amendment every provinces have their own enacted Employment Laws. It is necessary for every organization to know major changes and important provisions of Employment Laws related to Retrenchment and Termination.

Workplace grievances may occur as long as there is an Employer-Employee relationship. When grievances are not identified and handled amicably, employee morale can be affected, leading to lower engagement level and productivity, and higher attrition as employees lose confidence with the leadership.

Disciplinary action is sometimes necessary to maintain the decorum of the organization. Grievance handling and disciplinary actions are both challenging aspects of employee management, but it has got to be done when the need arises. Without knowing legal criteria and legal obligations, disciplinary action may leads towards sever litigation problems which may cost organization severely.

In the matter related with Women Harassment in the organizations are much criticals and become legal burden as well as harm the image of organizations. In this workshop we can also able to know better how to conduct legal disciplinary actions on Women Harassment matters . 

This workshop is especially designed for Human Resources , Industrial & Employee Relations Professionals that how to conduct disciplinary action against Employees with sound legal understanding and how to avoid Legal loopholes in disciplinary actions according to the theme of Employment Laws.

After this workshop Participants will learn how to avoid long lasting litigation and will able to conduct & follow proper legal procedure for Disciplinary Actions against Employees as per Employment Law of Pakistan.

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