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Workshop on "Withholding Tax" under Income Tax, Federal and Provincial Sales Tax Laws
August 22, 2017
Mövenpick Hotel

August 24, 2017
Faletti's Hotel
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Workshop on Advance Salary Taxation & E-Filing of Income Tax Return
September 19, 2017
Faletti’s Hotel, Lahore

September 21, 2017
Mövenpick Hotel, Karachi

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FTO hears case of filed by proprietor of M/s Rehmani Metal Traders
Customs Today
Tuesday, 22-08-2017, Read more

FBR make it mandatory to mention offshore companies in tax returns
Customs Today
Tuesday, 22-08-2017, Read more

Concessionary rate of sales tax not applicable on some imported finished goods, says ONO
Customs Today
Tuesday, 22-08-2017, Read more

FBR needs 141.5 acre to improve Wagah Border Crossing Project
Customs Today
Tuesday, 22-08-2017, Read more

Decision on complaints filed by FBR employees reserved
Customs Today
Tuesday, 22-08-2017, Read more

KP, tribal areas: FBR to hear legal viewpoint of contractors on IT exemption issues
Business Recorder
Tuesday, 22-08-2017, Read more

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Old news April 08 to August 21, 2017
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Certificate in Taxation Laws (Online)
Date Fee Rs. 13,920/-
Venue Online City Online

Two months Practical Training Course

2 days a week three hours a day

After completion of 100 batches in Lahore 
offering Across Pakistan
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What does CTL aims at?

  • To provide in-depth knowledge of updated Income Tax & Sales Tax Laws
  • To provide requisite knowledge of the Companies Ordinance, 1984 for handling day to day matters of a company
  • To enlighten all major aspects of respective tax statutes and develop skills for making strategic tax planning
  • To deliver comprehensive knowledge of the statutes through hands-on training, practical examples and case studies
  • To develop reasonable practical skills for maintenance of records in accordance with the provisions of Income Tax, Sales Tax, Federal Excise and Corporate Laws,
  • To give confidence in handling day to day matters involved in Taxatin like; manual and electronic preparation and submission of returns/statements, calculation of taxable figure in complicated cases, handling with notices, audit, assessment and appeals.
  • To enable the participants to handle day to day tax matters of their own business, employer, clients etc. in a professional way.



  • Members registered for this course can only watch videos and participate in the course
  • Lecture delivered at Lahore are uploaded at for online members of CTL classes
  • Video Lectures shall be available for six hours at, time shall be fixed on member’s choice
  • Slides available alongwith video lectures are in full control of the members.
  • Email Box is available for online questions with the resource person. Questions are normally answered within 24 working hours.

    Fee: Rs. 12,000 (+16% PST)

For details, please Contact

Mr. Mujtaba Qayyum

Cell: 0333-3358711
Phone: 021-32640313



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