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Computerized Risk-Based Evaluation of Sales Tax (CREST) Manual for Tax Officers Updated upto 05-10-2017
FBR Pakistan
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Workshop on Advance Taxation under Federal & Provincial Sales Tax Laws
October 19, 2017
Movenpick Hotel, Karachi

October 26, 2017
Faletti's Hotel, Lahore
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Workshop on Risk Based Internal Auditing
October 12, 2017
Serena Hotel, Islamabad

October 19, 2017
Sunfort Hotel, Lahore

October 26, 2017
Movenpick Hotel, Karachi
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3 Days Workshop on Advance Labour Laws (Specialization for Senior Professionals)
06, 07, 08 - November, 2017
Sunfort Hotel, Lahore.
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Workshop on Contract Employment & Labour Management
November 2, 2017
Regent Plaza, Karachi
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LCCI demands withdrawal of Infrastructure Development Cess
The Nation
Wednesday, 18-10-2017, Read more

Rate of regulatory duty on import of vehicles under SRO 1035
Pk Revenue
Wednesday, 18-10-2017, Read more

FST issues directives on complaints filed by FBR employees
Customs Today
Wednesday, 18-10-2017, Read more

FBR reshuffles three IR officers of Faisalabad
Customs Today
Wednesday, 18-10-2017, Read more

PCA detects tax evasion of Rs2.28m by M/s Hakeem Ali Associates
Customs Today
Wednesday, 18-10-2017, Read more

RD imposed on 97 new items
Business Recorder
Wednesday, 18-10-2017, Read more

RD on import of telecom equipment increased
Business Recorder
Wednesday, 18-10-2017, Read more

Sindh excise department collects Rs 14.811 billion in Q1
Business Recorder
Wednesday, 18-10-2017, Read more

LTBA accuses FBR of charging high tax from pensioners, BSC holders
Business Recorder
Wednesday, 18-10-2017, Read more

RCCI chief urges FBR to abolish Super Tax
Business Recorder
Wednesday, 18-10-2017, Read more

Letter to FBR: PTBA rejects serving notices on resident taxpayer, electronically, as invalid, illegal
Business Recorder
Wednesday, 18-10-2017, Read more

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Old news April 08 to October 17, 2017
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Training Services

Softax's Training wing (formerly NIU Center for Business Learning) is imparting quality training since 1997 in the fields of Taxation & Corporate Laws, Internal Audit, IT, HRM, Accounting, Finance etc. with an aim to provide learning for solutions

Mission Statement
At Softax we strive to create value for our students/participants through delivery of quality education and training based on practical solutions by dedicated professionals and staff.

We optimally utilize our resources in order to achieve the highest level of stakeholders' satisfaction; while maximizing professional education advancement and generating a competitive economic return.

Core Values

  • Quality through passion
  • Solution (learning for solutions)
  • Respect & care for staff, participants & trainers and other stakeholders
  • Ethics both:
  • Business - Softax policies & students to assure certain kind of behavior
  • Individual - moral principles and standards of conduct
  • Affordability


There is a real need to bridge the gap that currently exists between theoretical knowledge and requirements of practical life. While people may have attained their qualification from either public or private educational institutions, they truly lack practical approach to utilize their knowledge effectively. As a result, there exists a long learning for new entrants in the practical life.


In this fast changing business world, almost every organization needs "training facilities" to ensure that their Human resource is keeping pace with the latest developments in various fields of daily business life. What has been seen that in most of the organizations in-house training facilities are either not exist or are insufficient to cater the organizational training and development needs.


There exists a need for quality training institutes that should also be economical hence affordable for every organization and individual.

"Softax" has been established in 1997 with an objective to part with affordable quality training by introducing a unique teaching concept of "learning for solutions". While it is recognized that generally there are no real substitution of practical training but "learning for solutions" training courses are designed to provide maximum hands-on training in a congenial environment. We take pride in our ability to embrace changes that are constantly occurring in Business and Information Technology industry and also offer modern industry driven curriculum in core business fields and personal development for all levels of employees, executives and management.

Our board, faculty and trainers include Chartered Accountants, Cost and Management Accountants, Lawyers, Tax Authorities, Master Trainers, Human Resource Experts, Business Professionals, Businessmen and IT experts with considerable professional and organizational experience.

Our professionals/trainers have this ability; with application of our unique training techniques "learning for solutions" to design and tailor training programs/courses which best suit to the organizational needs. Softax offers its services in core business segments, Personnel development and Information Technology.

Our prime focus while designing/offering training courses, remains on "practical application" of learning and we have an edge to bring trainers who are in the practical fields who bring with them not only advancements in theory but also "Tricks of the Trade" in the fields such as:

  • Taxation Laws
  • Corporate Laws
  • Auditing and its practical applications
  • Internal Audit Environment
  • Small Business Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Corporate Financing
  • Foreign Trade (Practical aspects)
  • Information Technology

For further information please email us at


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