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Workshop on "Withholding Tax" under Income Tax, Federal and Provincial Sales Tax Laws
August 22, 2017
Mövenpick Hotel

August 24, 2017
Faletti's Hotel
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Workshop on Advance Salary Taxation & E-Filing of Income Tax Return
September 19, 2017
Faletti’s Hotel, Lahore

September 21, 2017
Mövenpick Hotel, Karachi

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FTO hears case of filed by proprietor of M/s Rehmani Metal Traders
Customs Today
Tuesday, 22-08-2017, Read more

FBR make it mandatory to mention offshore companies in tax returns
Customs Today
Tuesday, 22-08-2017, Read more

Concessionary rate of sales tax not applicable on some imported finished goods, says ONO
Customs Today
Tuesday, 22-08-2017, Read more

FBR needs 141.5 acre to improve Wagah Border Crossing Project
Customs Today
Tuesday, 22-08-2017, Read more

Decision on complaints filed by FBR employees reserved
Customs Today
Tuesday, 22-08-2017, Read more

KP, tribal areas: FBR to hear legal viewpoint of contractors on IT exemption issues
Business Recorder
Tuesday, 22-08-2017, Read more

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Old news April 08 to August 21, 2017
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C.No. 1(8) Rev Bud/2017 77879-R20-Jun-2017Collection of Duties/Taxes on 22nd, 23rd, 29th and 30th June, 2017 by authorized branches of State Bank of Pakistan, National Bank of Pakistan and National Institute of Facilitation Technologies (NIFT)View
C.No. 4(3)IT-Budget/201719-Jun-2017Explanation Regarding Interpretation of Certain Provisions of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 in the Context of Islamic Banking.View
C.No.1(8) Rev Bud/2014/68655-R29-May-2017Collection of Duties / Taxes on 30th and 31st May, 2017 By NBP View
F.6/2/96-D-II18-May-2017Office Timings During The Holy Month Of RamadanView
C.No.2(7)Judicial/2016/5581403-May-2017Notification of Alternate Dispute Resolution Committee (ADRC).View


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